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The rounded shape panel light can beused in hotels, supermarkets, schools, offices, factories, and more fields.
LED fluorescent tubes usually adopt super bright white-LED lighting as the light source. And their covers are usually made of acrylic or aluminium materials. This tube is designed as a replacement for standard fluorescent lamps.
LED bulbs can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. They also perform well in applications that require light to be directed towards a single direction. They are widely used in modern electrical appliances including digital watches, remote controls, traffic lights, household lighting, desk lamps, indicator lamps, flood lights, spot lights, driveway lighting,
Linear super slim cabinet lights have a beautiful and slim design which gives them an elegant look and enables their use in inconspicuous places. They are widely used for decorative purposes such as furniture decoration, interior designing, on walls, cabinet corners, etc.
Signcomplex, as a led pool light manufacturer and supplier in China, can provide wide range of indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures. Here we will introduce to you our LED pool lights.
Our LED underwater lights come in many variations. For more detailed information, please contact us directly.
LED wall washer lights are used in a wide range of applications including the decorative outlining of building structures, indoor wall highlighting, stage lighting, in entertainment plazas, parks, resorts, bridge lighting, bars and clubs, casinos, show rooms, museums, landscape lighting, in billboards, river embankment, and subways.
The LED triproof light is waterproof, dustproof, and corrosion-proof. It is widely used in the warehouse, parking lot, shopping mall, and other places.
They work well in low voltage applications. LED downlights are used in under cabinet lighting, boat lighting, home or office lighting, hotel lighting, arts galleries, window display of items, ballrooms, etc. They are easy to install and consume little amounts of energy.
LED wall lights come in different shapes and designs. Various types of lighting effects can be produced according the design of the wall light. Attractive lighting effects include LED shadow lighting, scattered lighting, round shape wall light, square shape wall light, among others. They can also be customized to fit into customer specifications while maintaining high quality standards. These lights can be mounted onto walls, ceilings or other suitable flat surfaces according to preference. Their elegant design and lighting makes them beautiful and appropriate for decorative as well as lighting purposes.
All above LED light bulbs provide safety operations for their adoption of low operating voltage. Additionally, by adopting LEDs as lighting source, our tubular CFL replacement LEDs and many other LED lights contain no mercury, and as a result, they are harmless to human health and are also environmentally friendly.
Flexible strips have a sleek and elegant appearance making them applicable in decorative lighting. Due to their slim design, they are suitable for areas with limited space. Examples of their use includes in lighting emergency exits and hallways, lighting auditorium hallway, architectural decorative lighting, aircraft cabin and theater mood lighting, within or under
Signcomplex waterproof flexible strips are widely used for outdoor lighting applications, for example in public facilities decoration and lighting, signboards, bathroom lighting and automobile decorations, etc.
Signcomplex, a China LED Strip manufacturer, is engaged in producing rigid strip. Our rigid strips include rigid SMD LED strip and rigid piranha LED strip and could be applied to signboard, advertising board, events, exhibitions, windows, corridors and other indoor or outdoor applications.
As an experienced China waterproof rigid LED strip manufacturer and supplier, we primarily provide rigid strips with plastic housing and aluminum housing. Additionally, we also provide wide array of other LED lighting, like LED fluorescent tubes, LED pool lights, LED flood lights and LED downlights, etc. All of them are CE and RoHS certified. And located in Shenzhen,
As a professional LED light supplier, we can produce LED module with long serving time, no radiation, and low power consumption. Our LED module is widely used as signs or decoration in applications like plaza, pubs, clubs, hotels and other business buildings.
As a LED light and LED driving system manufacturer and supplier, Signcomplex can provide the following products, LED controllers, signal amplifiers, LED lights like LED fluorescent tubes, LED bulbs, etc. Just to name a few.

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Signcomplex, as a LED light manufacturer and supplier in China, can provide comprehensive range of LED lights, LED modules and LED controllers. Our primary products include LED strips, LED fluorescent tubes, LED flood lights and LED bulbs. Just to name a few.
Focusing on product quality, Signcomplex employs fully automated equipment like reflow soldering, wave soldering and SMT machines on the production. Meanwhile we use Lumileds, Cree white LED's for our LED lights assembly, thus to assure of top quality.
All products from Signcomplex are CE certified and RoHs compliant. Welcome to choose.

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