Linear Super Slim Cabinet Light

Linear Super Slim Cabinet Light

The linear super slim cabinet light is an LED light strip which can be used in areas that have limited space. Their design gives them an elegant look making them suitable for interior designing and furniture decoration. They have a beam angle of 120 degrees and their light can easily be adjusted to different emitting angles making them flexible in their use. They are highly efficient because they use a small amount of energy and less heat is produced.

A direct connector or connector cable can be used to link two or more pieces of the linear super slim cabinet light making them suitable for use in cabinet corners. They enhance the interior design of cabinets as well as make the contents within the cabinet look more appealing. A +connector facilitates the connection of bars while ensuring that there is no light break.

Linear super slim cabinet lights have a beautiful and slim design which gives them an elegant look and enables their use in inconspicuous places. They are widely used for decorative purposes such as furniture decoration, interior designing, on walls, cabinet corners, etc.

Their slim design makes them suitable for narrow places because they occupy very little space. Our company produces linear super slim cabinet lights in different monochromatic colors, enabling the customer to have a wide range of choice.

Signcomplex, as a China LED lighting fixture manufacturer and supplier, specializes in producing various LED under cabinet lights, LED fluorescent tubes, LED modules, tubular CFL replacement LEDs and so on. All our LED lights are characterized with low electricity consumption, low heat generation and long service life. As a result of our high product quality and complete service, our products are well accepted in America, Canada and so on. Looking forward to doing business with you.

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