New E-T8 LED Fluorescent Tube


New E-T8 LED Fluorescent Tube

1. This new E-T8 LED fluorescent tube has 180° rotatable end caps and offers convenient installation.
2. It has a much longer life than the CFL tube. The minimum lifespan is 10 years, supposing that light is on 8 hours per day.
3. It offers 70%~80% energy-saving over fluorescent tubes.
4. This LED fluorescent tube features solid state and high shock and vibration resistant.
5. It works without ballast and has an instant soft-start.
6. There is no RF interference, no flickering or buzzing.
7. This LED fluorescent tube is quick and easy to install, and minimizes retrofit costs.
8. There is minimum maintenance cost and it produces little heat.
9. There is no mercury and other hazardous materials, fully RoHS-compliant.
10. Continuous operation for white LEDs (10 years for other colors).
11. It is rated to operate from -4°F to 104°F [-20°C to 40°C], perfect for environments with extreme climates.
12. This LED fluorescent tube uses Epistar LED chip and IneterMatix fluorescent powder, which helps avoid patent trouble.
13. It is new in design and cost-effective.
14. Complete electricity isolation design, safe.

Technical Specifications
1. Wide voltage input: 100-240V AC, 277V AC, 12V/24V DC available
2. Light efficiency: >95lm/W (clear and wave cover)
3. PF (power factor): > 0.93
4. CT (color temperature) range: Cold white: 6000K
                                               Commercial white: 3000-3500K

Type Model Number Color Length Power(W) Light Output(lm)
Clear Shell T8-010-AW-01W-C White 60cm 10 898
T8-010-AW-01WW-C Warm White 858
T8-018-AW-01W-C White 120cm 18 1862
T8-018-AW-01WW-C Warm White 1645
T8-024-AW-01W-C White 150cm 24 2285
T8-024-AW-01WW-C Warm White 2042
Frosted Shell T8-010-AW-01W-F White 60cm 10 748
T8-010-AW-01WW-F Warm White 701
T8-018-AW-01W-F White 120cm 18 1513
T8-018-AW-01WW-F Warm White 1354
T8-024-AW-01W-F White 150cm 24 1904
T8-024-AW-01WW-W Warm White 1735
Wave Shell T8-010-AW-01W-W White 60cm 10 890
T8-010-AW-01WW-W Warm White 853
T8-018-AW-01W-W White 120cm 18 1807
T8-018-AW-01WW-W Warm White 1614
T8-024-AW-01W-W White 150cm 24 2202
T8-024-AW-01WW-W Warm White 2005

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