Slim Block LED Panel Light


Slim Block LED Panel Light Slim Block LED Panel Light Slim Block LED Panel Light Slim Block LED Panel Light Slim Block LED Panel Light

1. Lighting comes all around into the light guide panel, offering efficient dissipation.
2. This LED panel light can save energy up to 50%.
3. It has high intensity
4. The panel light has a 5-year lifespan.
5. It has different view angles and a mixed lighting design.
6. This LED panel light features instant start, no flickering, and no humming.
7. It offers high efficiency (95%). With its heat protection system, the constant current driver can work under unstable voltage.
8. With its special circuit design, each LED can work separately, avoiding the influence that a broken LED causes.
9. No electric wave.
10. No such hazard that mercury or lead enters the environment.
11. No RF interference

The slim block LED panel light is used in hotels, factories, schools, hospitals, etc.

Technical Parameters

Model Color LED Type CCT Rated Power Consumption CRI Luminous Flux Working Voltage Beam Angle Weight
SC-PSC24CE6060 Cool White SMD 3528 5850K 40W 61 2516 lm 24VDC 105° 6.1kg
SC-PSC24CE3060 Cool White SMD 3528 5710 K 26W 61 1596 lm 24VDC 105° 4.0kg
SC-PSC24CE3030 Cool White SMD 3528 5670 K 18W 61 1013 lm 24VDC 105° 2.3kg
SC-PSC24WE2020 Warm White SMD 3528 3192K 10W 62 405 lm 24VDC 105° 0.6kg

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