LED Bulb

    1. 10W 360 Degree LED BulbThe 10W 360 degree LED bulb is equipped with isolating circuit. Therefore, it is safe and reliable for use. Compared with the common lights, this product will save 70% electricity with higher brightness. With good heat dissipation, the service life of the product is as long as 50,000 hours.
    1. LED Corn LightThe LED corn light is designed with120 SMD 5050 LEDs. The novel and the unique appearance, as well as the good heat dissipation, is well received by the clients. Compared with the traditional High Bay, this product will save energy as high as 70%.
    1. 6W LED Globe Light BulbPerfect heat dissipation makes for the longer service life of the 6W LED glob light bulb.
      Conforming to CIE117-1995 standard, the glare is completely avoided.
      70% energy conservation.
    1. G23 6.5W LED BulbVoltage: 100-240VAC
      Power: 6.5W
      Gross Weight: 76g ...
    1. Power LED BulbBase type: 2 pin GX5.3
      Input voltage: 12V AC/DC with reversed polarity protect
      Output power: 1W/3W ...
    1. Chandelier LED Bulb 3WTc=  6257K  Prcp WaveL: d=484.5nm  Purity=5.9%
      Peak WaveL:  p=445nm  Half Width:   p=22.6nm Ratio:R=12.8% G=83.7% B=3.5%
      Average Wave: 544nm CLASS: C_6050K ...
    1. LED G45. It has a low heat output - reduced air conditioning loads.
      6. This LED bulb features low maintenance and low replacement costs.
      7. Flexible installation options are available ...
    1. 6.5W Globe Bulb1. The globe LED bulb is ultra energy efficient, and is ideal replacement of traditional 50-60W incandescent and halogen lamps.
      2. It has good heat dissipation due to its adoption of aluminum alloy housing. ...
    1. M-Spot Series1. This M-spot TM LED bulb can replace the conventional spotlights and comes with soft light.
      2. The power is 6.5W, equivalent to a 50-60W conventional spotlight.
      3. It features low heat, No UV, No IR. ...

LED Bulb

A LED bulb is a light-emitting diode that produces light when an electric current passes through it or in the presence of a strong magnetic field. Light is produced when electrons move through a semiconductor material and therefore do not use filaments.

They are energy efficient due to their low energy consumption rate as compared to other traditionally used bulbs, like fluorescent bulbs, incandescent lamps, etc. They do not get very hot because they generate less heat and cool off at a faster rate. Unlike other bulbs which radiate their heat in all directions, LED bulbs are designed to conduct their heat through the back of the fixture which increases their performance.

LED bulbs are of various types and are available in multiple colors. The bulbs produce a specific pure color, eliminating the need for filtering because unwanted colors are not produced. This makes them produce high quality lighting and brightness. Outdoor LED lamps are manufactured to be water proof and can be designed to make use of solar energy, further reducing electricity costs.

Unlike other bulbs, LED bulbs have an outer covering made of plastic which makes them easier to maintain and less susceptible to damage. The plastic covering also makes them less sensitive to vibrations, shock and extreme temperatures. Their initial purchasing cost is higher that that of other bulbs but are cost effective because the last long and consume less amounts of energy.

Their small and compact size enables them to be used as a group arranged closely together hence increasing their illuminating effect. They do not flicker. The lack of toxic material such as mercury make them environment friendly.

LED bulbs can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. They also perform well in applications that require light to be directed towards a single direction. They are widely used in modern electrical appliances including digital watches, remote controls, traffic lights, household lighting, desk lamps, indicator lamps, flood lights, spot lights, driveway lighting, stairway lighting, mobile phones, computers, and in the auto industry.
Our company produces high quality LED bulbs of different types for a wide variety of applications.

Signcomplex is a China LED bulb manufacturer and supplier in China. We can provide not only LED light bulbs, but also many other kinds of LED lighting fixtures and LED driving systems, including LED fluorescent tubes, LED modules, inground LED lamps and LED controllers, etc.
All our products are CE certified and RoHS compliant. In addition, in order to provide higher quality products for our clients, we employ Lumileds, Cree white LEDs for our light assembly. Our convenient location enables us to acquire convenient transportation and abundant labors. Therefore, we are able to produce high quality products at lower prices. For any LED product need, please feel free to contact us.

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