1. LC-0RGB-WIFI LED Controller The LC-0RGB-wifi LED controller is ideal for the 5V-24V RGB DigiRibbon LED strip. It is compatible with the iPhone, iPod, iPad or Android devices including mobile phone and tablet PC to control color, brightness and patterns of the LED strip.
    1. LC-0RGB-D4 RGB Controller Our LC-0RGB-D4 RGB controller usually works together with our WC12 remote controller, and is compatible with all common RGB strips and RGB LED lamps working at DC 12V or DC 24V. With the unique touch technology and user-friendly interface, the product is easy to use.
    1. LC-0RGB-D5 LED Controller The LC-0RGB-D5 LED controller has good waterproof performance and provides control for most low voltage RGB LED luminaries and RGB LED strips. Due to the advanced touch interface technology and user-friendly design, the product is very convenient to operate.
    1. LC-0RGB-D5-05 LED Controller Our LC-0RGB-D5-05 LED controller is a kind of universal one which can be applied to any RGB LED product for the control of brightness, color and speed. To sum up, there are 16 predefined pattern modes, such as cross-fading, pulsating and instant changes.
    1. LC-000W-D5-01 Amplifier Our LC-000W-D5-01 amplifier which can be used with a 6-key remote control is designed for easy control of SC-YID-W LED strip available in white and warm white color interlacing. In order to widen the range of color temperature, the amplifier can adjust the brightness of white ...
    1. SC-WC11 LED ControllerThe SC-WC11 LED controller is designed to control 12/24V DC RGB LED light products.
      It is uniquely designed with touch interface and function keys, which greatly facilitates operation.
    1. SC-WC8 LED Controller The SC-WC8 LED controller is consistent with DMX512 (1990) protocol.
      It can be used as a DMX512 decoder.
      It utilizes a LCD screen to show the controller's current status.
    1. SC-WC9 LED Controller The SC-WC9 LED controller adopts aluminum housing with black wire drawing finish, ensuring durable use. It conforms to DMX512 (1990) protocol, and acts as a DMX512 decoder. With the LCD screen, current working status can be displayed in real time.
    1. Monochrome WIFI LED Controller The monochrome WIFI LED controller is specially designed for controlling 5V-24V monochrome or white/warm white LED strip. The iPhone, iPad, or Android devices can be used to control the color and brightness of the lights
    1. SC-AP W-12-24 LED Amplifier This amplifier coming in the model of SC-AP W-12-24 is especially suitable for LC-0RGB-D4-01 four-in-one RGB controller. A single controller can theoretically drive signal amplifier in large quantity.
    1. SC-AP-3 LED Amplifier Our SC-AP-3 LED signal amplifier is applicable to all our ArchiFlex TM RGB waterproof lights. Just as its name suggests, it can be used to amplify a weak signal and remain the same original data all the time. Once connected with an amplifier, more RGB strips can be controlled.
    1. 4-in-1 WIFI LED Controller This 4-in-1 WIFI LED controller is used to control the brightness or to change the pattern of most common RGB LED product like 12V-24V RGB LED strip and low constant voltage LED lights via the device such as iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc.
    1. RGB LED Controller The RGB LED controller can be used on the system higher than Apple 4.1 and Android 2.2.
      Download the control software from Apple and Android system for free.
      Humanized interface design for easy use.
    1. High Voltage 1 Channel Wireless LED Controller Using 2.4G wireless Zigbee module, the high voltage 1 channel wireless LED controller features easy installation, long transmission distance, reliable transmission performance, etc. No power line is required for connection.
    1. Low Voltage 3 Channel Wireless LED Controller The low voltage 3 channel wireless LED controller is widely used at home, factory, gym, football pitch, entertainment venues, etc. No power line is required for connection. Using 2.4G wireless Zigbee module, the product features easy installation, long transmission distance
    1. Wireless Master LED Controller The wireless master LED controller can be used to form a small wireless local area network with luminaires of small scale. The dimming, switch and timing of the network can be controlled in the way you want.
    1. Signal Amplifier Input voltage: DC 12V/24V
      Max. input current: 3A/CH*5
      Output power: 180W (12V), 360W (24V)
    1. Square Touch Interface Controller Input voltage: 24VDC
      Output current: 1A
      Output type: common anode
    1. Square Touch Interface Controller Input voltage: 24VDC
      Output current: 2A
      Output type: common anode
    1. Mini DMX LED Controller Input voltage: DC 12/24V.
      Output channel: 3 channels signal output (R/G/B)
      Output current: 3A for each channel (9A total)
    1. RGB LED Controller Input voltage: 12V/24V DC
      Output current: totally 18A
      Max. output power: 216W(12V)/432W(24V)
    1. Wireless Dimming Controller Input voltage: 12V/24VDC
      Max. output power: 216W(12V)/432W(24V)
      Output current: totally 18A
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