Waterproof Rigid Strip

    1. Waterproof Rigid Strip with Plastic HousingWaterproof rigid strip with plastic housing is also one of our products. Our plastic housing waterproof LED strips include piranha LED rigid strips and dip LED rigid strips. Both types of
    1. SLASTM SLASTM, the new generation of Signcomplex LED strips, is produced for outdoor or high-humidity applications. SLASTM water proof rigid strips are made of high brightness SMD LEDs and designed with aluminum profile, thus offering a longer service life.
    1. HUANGSTM HUANGSTM I light bar uses multiple-chip LED technology applying on the linear strip light source. The bar produces much higher light efficiency comparing conventional LED strip lighting. Meanwhile it maintains the excellent and harmonious effects thanks to the intelligent electrical ...

Waterproof Rigid Strip

Waterproof rigid strips are suitable for outdoor applications. Signcomplex waterproof rigid strips fall into three categories: waterproof rigid strip with plastic housing, waterproof rigid strip with aluminum housing, SLASTM waterproof rigid strips.

Features of Waterproof Rigid LED Strips:
1. Our waterproof rigid strip is made of super-bright LEDs, which features high lightness, good color consistency, wide beam angle, and long life span.
2. This energy efficient rigid strip emits no radiation and is highly adaptable to different environments. It could emit various kinds of bright light that is highly visible in the dark.
3. If equipped with LED driving system, our waterproof rigid strips will be able to realize various different color changing patterns, including color gradual changing, color chasing, etc.
4. Each module is equipped with connection-wire, plug and socket, thus enabling our waterproof LED strips to be jointed together more conveniently.

Applications of Waterproof Rigid Strip:
As an experienced China waterproof rigid LED strip manufacturer and supplier, we primarily provide rigid strips with plastic housing and aluminum housing. Additionally, we also provide wide array of other LED lighting, like LED fluorescent tubes, LED pool lights, LED flood lights and LED downlights, etc. All of them are CE and RoHS certified. And located in Shenzhen, China, Signcomplex is easy to acquire abundant labors and convenient sea transportation; therefore, we can provide you high quality products at lower price.
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