Waterproof Flexible Strip

    1. Waterproof Flexible SMD LED Strip MiniRopeTM Signcomplex, a flexible LED strip manufacturer and supplier in China, can provide a wide range of waterproof flexible strips. And these waterproof flexible LED strips can be used in different applications. ...
    1. Waterproof Flexible SMD LED Strip CrystripTM Used as cove lighting fixtures.
      They are flexible enough to be used as architectural lights for canopy, corridor, window, and archway, etc. ...
    1. Waterproof Flexible DIP LED Strip FOGSTRIPTM Backlight or edge lighting for signage and channel letters
      Good material for DIY lights.
      Good solution for path and contour marking ...
    1. Waterproof Flexible 0805 SMD LED Strip ClearRibbonTM Provide backlighting or edge lighting for digital signboards and signage, etc.
      Good material for making DIY lights.
      Provide good solution for contour and path marking. ...
    1. X-Ribbon TM Sleeve 1. The standard packing length is 5m.
      2. The packing material of this waterproof flexible
      strip is antistatic hot-sealing film bag. ...
    1. Waterproof DigiRibbon TMII 1. Flexibility: SC-WID-RGB waterproof flexible strip can be bent at any angle.
      2. Digital color change. The built-in programs release the auto-run modes for color change patterns. 3. Strong humidity resistance allows the flexible ...
    1. IP68 Flexmond TM 3. It features low energy consumption and high light yield.
      4. Protected against humidity: IP68.
      5. This flexible strip features no maintenance and durability.. ...
    1. ArchiFlexTM born for wet locationArchiFlexTM LED light strip is a combination of SMD LEDs and extrusion technology. The SMD (Surface Mounted Diode) print – the print plate on which the LEDs have been assembled directly - has been enveloped with a transparent, UV/IR-protected PVC housing. ...

Waterproof Flexible Strip

Waterproof flexible strips (LED) are suitable for outdoor applications. Their flexibility enables them to be bent at angles to suit various designs and preferences. These waterproof flexible strips are produced in different colors and manufactured to be resistant to ultraviolet (UV) rays. They consume little energy and are maintenance free.

They are easy to install, cheap to maintain and have high resistance to shock and vibrations. Very bright light can be produced with a wide illumination angle. Despite their small size and flexibility, they are powerful sources of light.

Waterproof flexible strips have the ability to produce continuous light connection for long distances while maintaining uniformity. They can be interconnected using connectors or cut in marked areas for shorter installations.

They are used in cove lighting, decorative lighting, path and contour marking, concealed lighting, bridge edge lighting, signage backlight or edge lighting, car and motorcycle decorative lighting, display cases, bathrooms, bedrooms, stairway accent lighting, backlight or edge lighting of signage, etc.

As a China flexible strip manufacturer and supplier, Signcomplex provided waterproof flexible LED strips, waterproof rigid LED strips and LED pool lights, etc. have been extensively used in America, Canada and countries in Europe, the middle-east and so on. In addition to outdoor LED lights, we can also manufacture various indoor lighting fixtures, like LED fluorescent tubes, LED modules, LED cabinet lamps and LED wall lights, etc. All of them are CE and RoHS certified. And located in Shenzhen, a costal city in China, we are easy to obtain abundant labor and convenient transportation, which help us save production costs. And as a result, we can provide our products at lower prices. OEM and ODM service are both available here. Welcome to choose.

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