Flexible Strip

    1. SMD LED Ribbon (SC-ID) SMD LED ribbon itself and all its components may not be mechanically stressed.
      Don't damage or destroy conducting paths on the circuit board while installation.
      To guarantee safety, only qualified personnel are allowed to install LED strips. ...
    1. High Output Ribbon (SC-HID) Our high output ribbons are particularly suitable for to be used as marine light and task lighting for their high light output.
      Similar with other kinds of flexible LED strips, SC-HID series high output ribbons can also be ...
    1. Sideview SMD LED Ribbon (SC-SID) Used as cove lighting fixtures.
      Installed on various architectures for both lighting and decoration. Our SMD LED ribbons can be mounted onto canopy, corridor, window and archway, etc. ...
    1. Digital LED Ribbon Single Color Our single color digital LED ribbons can be used as decorative lighting fixtures for disco, bars and cafe, etc.
      Used as decorative lights for shows, parties, etc. ...
    1. Digital LED Ribbon RGBUsed as decorative lights for disco, bars, cafe
      Lights for shows and events
      Lights for shop display and decoration ...
    1. High Output Ribbon Architectural lights for canopy, corridor, window, archway
      Backlight or edge lighting for signage
      DIY lights for home use ...
    1. X-Ribbon TM 3. It is cuttable every 6 LEDs (one line).
      4. There is a 3M adhesive tape on ribbon's backside.
      5. The width of the flexible strip is 16mm. . ..
    1. Hybrid TM 1. This flexible strip is eco friendly.
      2. It has a long lifespan, with a standard three year warranty.
      3. It features complete cut/connection accessories. ...

Flexible Strip

As the name suggests, the flexible strip lighting is thin and flexible. This characteristic gives it a sleek appearance. They come in different varieties and colors for use in a wide range of applications. They are available in various lengths but can be cut and rejoined at specific intervals. Flexible strips have a wide beam angle which enables them to have light consistency.

Energy consumption is low while their lifetime is long. They have the ability to produce high intensity lighting and can endure high levels of shock and vibration. There is low fire hazard heat because they produce low amounts of heat.  

Flexible strips have a sleek and elegant appearance making them applicable in decorative lighting. Due to their slim design, they are suitable for areas with limited space. Examples of their use includes in lighting emergency exits and hallways, lighting auditorium hallway, architectural decorative lighting, aircraft cabin and theater mood lighting, within or under cabinets, etc.

Signcomplex, as a China supplier of LED strips, can provide wide range of LED lighting fixtures, for example, flexible neon strips, LED flood lights, LED fluorescent tubes, and more. All our products are CE and RoHS certified. And located in Shenzhen, China, Signcomplex is easy to acquire abundant labors and convenient sea transportation; therefore, we can provide you high quality products at lower price.
For more detailed product information, please browse our website or contact us directly.

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