LED Fluorescent Tube

    1. C-T8 LED Tube Light Model: CT8-009-AW-W-01F
      LED Type: SMD 2835
      Color: White
    1. Super Bright Fluorescent LED Tube T8Our T8 LED fluorescent tubes can be easily installed into commonly used fluorescent fixtures. With optimized design, they can provide high quality white-LED lighting which is comparable with fluorescent lighting. And the lighting will not flick. ...
    1. H-T8 LED Tube Light Model: T8-009-AW-WW-01C
      Color: Warm White
      Length: 600mm
    1. X-T5 LED Tube Light Model: XT5-008-AW-W-01C
      Color: White
      Length: 600mm
    1. Economic Fluorescent LED Tube T8For their distinct energy saving performance, those economic LED fluorescent tubes are suitable to be used in places where need long hours lighting but have low occupancy rate, such as stairwells, corridors, warehouses, and remote locations, etc. ...
    1. LED Fluorescent T5SC-FTN-T5 SMD LED fluorescent replacement tubes are also designed for replacement of medium bi-pin T5 florescent lamps. With an optimized design, our T5 LED fluorescent tubes can provide white-LED lighting which will not flick and has no RF interference. ...
    1. LED Tube T101. The LED fluorescent tube has a much longer life than traditional CFL tube. The minimum lifespan is 10 years, supposing that light is on 8 hours per day.
      2. It is 70%~80% energy-saving, over fluorescent tubes. ...
    1. Dimmable T8 LED Fluorescent Tube Light output: 3150 lm
      Standard length: 60cm, 120cm and 150cm
      Rated input voltage: 200-240V 50-60Hz. AC
      PF (power factor): >0.9 ...

LED Fluorescent Tubes

LED fluorescent tubes usually adopt super bright white-LED lighting as the light source. And their covers are usually made of acrylic or aluminium materials. This tube is designed as a replacement for standard fluorescent lamps.

Comparison with traditional fluorescent lamps:
1. Common points:
LED fluorescent lamps have similar exterior appearance design with conventional fluorescent lamps. LED light bulbs with a length of 60cm, 120cm and 150cm are commonly used ones.
2. Differences:
(1) LED fluorescent lamps contain no mercury or any other hazard materials, so they are harmless to human body and natural environment.
While conventional fluorescent lights are usually known as low pressure mercury lamps for their containing of mercury. They utilize electricity to excite mercury vapor and then the excited mercury atoms will produce UV light which finally cause phosphors to produce visible light. Once the lamps are broken, the small amount of mercury will contaminate the surrounding environment and do harm to human health.
(2) A LED fluorescent tube needs no ballast. While a traditional fluorescent tube requires a ballast to stabilize electricity current.
(3) LED fluorescent light bulbs can save more energy.
Traditional fluorescent lights, no matter they are compact fluorescent lamps or tubular fluorescent tubes, all produce lots of heat during their operation. While LED fluorescent tubes have high conversion rate between electricity energy and light energy, thus producing lower heat and helping save energy.

Advantages of LED Fluorescent Tubes:
1. They will not produce noise or buzzing during their operation, as a result, LED fluorescent lamps are particularly suitable for libraries, offices and places where need to use precision instruments.
2. Produced lighting is soft and will not flick, so they are good for our eyes.
3. They produce no UV; as a result, they will not attract mosquito, flies and other insects.
4. Longer lifespan.

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